One Month

Today marks a month since the passing of my father.

Tonight Jacqui and I went to Tacconelli’s for some amazing thin crust, crispy pizza (his favorite) to honor my dad, who really would have loved their slice.

A friend who lost her father told me that every year on her father’s birthday she goes out for a steak–her dad’s favorite meal–as a way to remember him and share in one of his joys. I really like that idea, but since my dad loved so many foods, it will be hard to keep it to one type of restaurant. So I guess it will be a rotating dad food memorial. Definitely on the list are thin crust, crispy pizza, a good shrimp cocktail, lobster, a steak, good Chinese food, and so on and so forth.

One thought on “One Month”

  1. actually, i think you would have to start months in advance to complete this task. but it would certainly keep you real busy as it did him. love, mom


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