Mark Your Calendars for May 5

We have confirmed Saturday morning, May 5 as Sophia’s baby naming at our synagogue.

When we Red Sea pedestrians have babies, all sorts of crazy rituals go on from the snipping of foreskin to the eating of many pounds of pastrami and corned beef to grandparents saying things like “my grandchild _______ is able to ______ and is definitely a genius.” Thankfully there will be no snipping of the foreskin this child go around. Just a few simple prayers said by the Rabbi without the ritual sacrificing of the tip of anything, except maybe a good loaf of rye bread. I was at a bris a few years ago and the mohel, barely paying attention post-snip, almost let the foreskin roll off the table and onto the floor. Yikes!

So Sophia and the entire Rick/Yudell clan are looking forward to seeing you all here in Philly the morning of May 5.

Details to follow soon.

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