10 Years Later

16716012_10154378487551452_7933098470184946491_oThis past Wednesday, after waiting for more than two hours, having driven my blood pressure up and popping a low fever (a bad case of white coat syndrome I sometimes get in these moments), I saw my doctor at Penn and got a clean bill of health. As my younger daughter sweetly told me to write, this is my 10th year of not having cancer. There it is. So many emotions. The remission is durable and life has gone on. When I was diagnosed with MCL 6 weeks after I got married, and when I was in treatment during the year my older daughter was born, the literature was grim and we didn’t quite know what lay ahead. Yet here we are. A few months after I finished treatment 10 years ago a paper came out suggesting that this, 10 years later with nothing blocking the future, would be the case. What a beautiful thing when statistics meets life in this way. It’s good to be here.