A Lucky Man

Today is our second wedding anniversary, the “cotton anniversary,” and we are spending it quietly, thankful that I am no longer neutropenic and thus looking forward to going out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

I don’t need to tell you all how lucky I am to have Jacqui in my life. I joked with her earlier that for all she has given me these last two years, and especially for the ways she has taken care of me these last 7 months, I owe her thirty years of nonstop pampering, taking care of, endless love and devotion, etc. And while I’ve still got a few weeks of battering chemo left before I can begin that job in earnest, I am looking forward to it (taking care of Jacq) with great relish. There is nothing I want to do more than turn all of my attention to my amazing wife, whom I love in ways I never imagined possible, and with whom I share a passion for life, love, and family. How lucky can one guy be?

7 thoughts on “A Lucky Man”

  1. Happy anniversary–may the years ahead be filled with happiness and health.You are an amazing couple.Here’s to 50+ more years of mutual pampering and care, endless love & deovtion. All our love,Dad & Deb


  2. Happy Anniversary to one of the best couples I know– You guys are amazing and we love you very much!


  3. a day late but nonetheless so full of love and devotion to 2 of 4 of the most important people in my life. your love is so magical to me and the earnest care in the way you jacq take care of michael never ceases to amaze me. he does owe you big time. i love you all. mom & m.i.l.


  4. Happy Anniversary you two – and here’s to many, many, many more. May the coming year of marriage be filled with nothing but happiness, you certainly deserve it.love, Brooke, Dan, and Lily


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