15 Years!!!

On March 21 I had my 15 year check up with Steve Schuster at Penn, where I got the all clear. When I was diagnosed now 17 years ago the literature was pretty grim. But Schuster told me I should be ok (he was right!) and I am grateful every day that I am. Love to all those who were there for us for what is now truly back in the day. Getting older is a gift, and so is having amazing family and great friends to share this crazy journey with.

A belated 14 years

In the midst of COVID, I had my 14 year check up back in February. Always great to see Schuster and the amazing team at Penn. Got the all clear. Amazing that lymphoma is now so long ago. Good health to all during these difficult times!

Lucky 13!!!

Very happy to report that my annual check up went perfectly two weeks ago and that this year is 13 years post-chemo and 15 years post-diagnosis. Wishing good health and durable remissions to all the MCL and lymphoma patients and survivors out there!!!

A Quick Note to Say Hello

Was reminded by a kind visitor to the blog today to post an update, which I have not done in almost two years (sorry!). All is well here, and 2020 will be my 15th year as a mantle cell survivor (13 years post-chemo).

I still go for annual check ups, which all this time later still elicit some anxiety, but in general are ok.

Wishing anyone checking my blog to learn more about my story surviving MCL good health in the new year. Happy holidays everyone!!! Happy New Year!



10 Years Later

16716012_10154378487551452_7933098470184946491_oThis past Wednesday, after waiting for more than two hours, having driven my blood pressure up and popping a low fever (a bad case of white coat syndrome I sometimes get in these moments), I saw my doctor at Penn and got a clean bill of health. As my younger daughter sweetly told me to write, this is my 10th year of not having cancer. There it is. So many emotions. The remission is durable and life has gone on. When I was diagnosed with MCL 6 weeks after I got married, and when I was in treatment during the year my older daughter was born, the literature was grim and we didn’t quite know what lay ahead. Yet here we are. A few months after I finished treatment 10 years ago a paper came out suggesting that this, 10 years later with nothing blocking the future, would be the case. What a beautiful thing when statistics meets life in this way. It’s good to be here.

9 Plus Years!!!

Just a quick note to let everyone who is still paying attention out there know (yea, you, in the green shirt in Wisconsin) that all is well here, that I had my 9 year check up in April, and that I got the all clear once again. Yay!!!

For the first time in many years, I was nervous (more like a bit panicked) in the weeks leading up to the visit. But all was perfect. And life goes on, as it has for more than nine years now.

8 Plus Years!!!

I had my every-nine-month checkup this morning.

All clear.

On the one hand, hard to believe that all of that happened. Lymphoma gets smaller and smaller in the rear view.

On the other hand, though the risk of relapse is smaller and smaller, in my quiet moments, there is still fear.

Some photos from lymphoma memory lane… Hard to believe.

Also, come walk with us at the Lymphoma Walk this Saturday…





And one of us all now.



Last Monday I visited Penn for my bi-annual check up. My usually M.O. is to delay the visit for a few weeks. Which I did. For almost two months. Which turned up the anxiety level for the visit. It needn’t had. I got the all clear from Schuster. My counts were robust–my platelets the highest they’d been in the almost 7 years since chemo finished weighing in at 183!!!


This visit turned into my seven year post-chemo visit because Schuster graduated me from an every six-month visit for a check up to an every nine-month visit. We’ll see if my anxiety level can withstand the new timeframe. I think it will.

But this is really great news and we couldn’t be happier.

Six Years Later & All Is Well!

As of my check up yesterday, it’s officially 6 years later of being in remission. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes, but almost 6 years ago (April 2007) I was discharged from HUP for the last time following an intensive 8 month regimen of chemotherapy for my then non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. During those crazy days my father died and our first daughter Sophia was born (Sophia is now 6, and Charlotte is 3). And now I get to look back with both horror and joy at those times, and be grateful that I am here and healthy.

Some More Exciting Milestones

Just a quick note to let you know that I had my official 5-years-since-chemo visit (even though my official post-chemo anniversary isn’t until April 4–I won’t see the doctor again until August) and got the big thumbs up from Schuster. Everything normal. A durable remission, I am told. And this May will be 7-years-since-diagnosis. Finally, next week I celebrate my 11th birthday (in leap years). ┬áSo all is good here.