The Water Has Broken (But not Jacqui’s)

When it rains…

This morning, while making some yummy challah french toast for everyone (Jacq, me, her parents, and Jacq’s cousin Anna) Jacqui’s dad discovered that our basement had become the indoor pool I had always wanted. An inch of water lined the floor of our soon-to-be-formerly-finished basement, with no source of the water visible. I quickly checked with our neighbors. They were dry.

In the middle of my search for the source of our Nile, Jacqui went to the bathroom. Her flush solved the problem. I heard water pouring out of a pipe behind the wall, which I could see by removing a small crawl space door. Thankfully, no little turds floated by, but still a mess.

Now we are just waiting for a plumber to call us back. Good luck to us on a Sunday morning.

Hopefully this all is a harbinger for someone else’s water breaking…

3 thoughts on “The Water Has Broken (But not Jacqui’s)”

  1. SEWAGE LEAK UPDATE: The Roto-Rooter Man showed up at around 2:30, and after an hour of jimmying the snake through our drainage pipe, managed to de-clog it. The basement now smells from years of backed-up raw sewage, and we’ll need to scrap our basement carpet, but at least the worst of the problem is solved. Time to take a shower and work on breaking someone else’s water.


  2. Look on the bright side, timing is everything – in another week or so you could have been fishing used wads of “G Diapers” out of your basement….


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