Today I was a patient again after more than a week of freedom. I am amazed at how quickly life returns to normal once I am not on or recovering from chemo. I was hoping that Lester would have come last night or today before my appointment so I could have a few more days without thinking about chemo, blood counts, or transfusions.

At today’s visit with my doc, we discovered that my blood counts have returned to normal, which is a very good sign given the fact that just a week ago they were at rock bottom. I am getting my money’s worth from each chemo blast, and the devastation that the chemo is wrecking on my immune system seems to be doing its job. Last week my platelets couldn’t get above 10,000 without help from repeated transfusions. Today my platelets were at 260,000 and still rising. I have been given a green light to resume exercising, and with my platelets so robust, I even asked the doctor if I could take up boxing.

There will be a few more tests this week to confirm that de-lymphomatization is going as planned. On tomorrow’s schedule is a bone marrow biopsy to confirm that my marrow is lymphoma-free. The biopsy involves our favorite nurse practitioner, some lidocane, and a medieval looking corkscrew-like instrument that is slowly and painstakingly turned into my lower back to take a sample of my marrow. It sounds painful, but it is more uncomfortable than anything else. Once the corkscrew penetrates into my marrow, it feels like someone has stuck a straw into my bone and is blowing bubbles. It is a strange sensation.

Now if Jacq has the baby tonight, we can put off the biopsy for a few days. Come on out, Lester, your daddy needs you.

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