Otis in Solidarity

Having a good day. Treatment so far has been tolerable. Had a mild reaction to the rituximab at 2am last night. Just minor chills and a little nausea. Switched into a private room this afternoon thanks to the amazing staff on Rhoads 6. Thus Jacqui gets to spend the night, and all are happy, except Otis, who remains confused at the situation.

I miss him terribly.

When I was first diagnosed and a certain Dr. Death armed with the wrong information suggested that I would be heading toward the daisies, all I could think about was that my dog, the second love of my life, would outlive me. Until we had tests results, and the best doctors told me to chill out and that I wasn’t going the way of Campbell Scott in Dying Young, I used to cuddle with Otis in terror. I was horrified that my adorable dog would become the man of the house, always left wondering what had happened to me, and left alone to take care of my beloved Jacqueline. Thankfully, that is not going to be the case, and Otis, while confused at my absense, has taken to wearing a bandana around the house, and has even asked to shave his head. My dog, the genius.

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  1. Hi Michael – just brought up your Website-you are the cleverist for sure….just spoke to Debbie – she said you are doing well – I assume you are in the hospital right now – say Hi to MOM and Dad – Michael: check this out if you can – I was told no antioxidents during my treatments – does that apply to Chemo as well? Love to Jackie, feel good, much luv, Carole & Harry


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