Feeling tired today. Got the first dose of my second chemo drug this morning and I am feeling it. Not sick, just very sleepy.

Saw my doc this morning who told me that based on last week’s blood counts that things are going in the right direction, so we are very happy with that. I celebrated with a three hour nap. He also told me that I can expect to feel pretty crappy next week, given that this round of chemo is more immunosuppresant than the last round. Lucky me.

So with this bit of good news (the fact that the chemo is doing its job) I wish all members of the tribe out there following my progress a very happy Jewish new year. It was quite a 5766. Very much looking forward to being lymphoma-free in 5767.

I leave you tonight with another possible chemo look…

4 thoughts on “Sleepy”

  1. Michael, Happy New Year to you, Jacqui & Otis. Your undaunted courage is an inspiration to all of us.Not much to report here except that Brooke is starting to show a little bit. I’m excited about her and Jacqui’s upcoming motherhood!! I showed your blog to some people at the office and an admiring female says your bald look makes you look like Bruce Willis (don’t worry Jacqui, I warned her that he’s taken). Happy New Year! – Dan Featherp.s. take a cheek swab of Otis and send it to me. I want to clone him.


  2. so being privy to your different looks, the one that was my least favorite on your great face was the bozo the clown wig. that was until you put the viking on the top of it. those two together are my favorite. however, you and jacq look great as the bob fosse duo. actually you look great together period. you are my idols. love, mom


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