It’s Showtime…Again

Here we go again.

The call came in at about 4:30 from Admissions at HUP. Bed ready. Report for chemo right away. Yes, sir!

We got to the hospital to find out that I was assigned to a shared room, which means that Jacqui cannot stay the night with me. The amazing nurses here on Rhoads 6 promised to switch me into a private room at noon tomorrow. A pregnant belly goes a long way in these parts. I’ll have instant messenger opened all night, plus my phone on, so Jacqui can contact me at any time.

As happy as I am to be back on the road to de-lymphomatization, I am not happy being back in the hospital, especially since that means a night away from Jacqui, and a few nights away from Otis. Plus we have water in our basement, and a parade of plumbers later, we have determined that the leak is external, and tomorrow the foundation guy comes. Don’t we have enough on our plate?! At least the exorcism peformed last week seems to be working.

This treatment is a little different from the last one. Tonight they’ll start me on Rituximab, and by early morning I’ll get my chemo chaser–a 24 hour drip of a nasty drug called methotrexate, for which they give me a secondary drug to help me secrete it. I can’t leave the hospital until the meth… is almost completely secreted. After the meth… is done, I get a different chemo, the name of which I am forgetting, for 2 days. Then I should be free to go home, maybe late Saturday night, but in all likelihood, Sunday morning.

I’ve been getting nice comments on the new bald Mike look, but I’d, of course, rather have a full head of hair. The strangest part of being bald is that my head gets cold, so as it gets cooler out I’ll definitely be switching back to the bandana and other head gear. I’ve got a bunch of new hats and such to take me through the winter. Here’s one…

4 thoughts on “It’s Showtime…Again”

  1. I was always a fan of the Master’s of the Universe with HeeMan. Your picture is a real look alike. :)Just think, as Jordana would say, think how good a cashmere beannie will feel on top when the temps start falling. It will be in her words, “heavenly.” You look great and your spirit continues to persevere. If you need Jordana and/or me to come by to help with the house, please let us know. I could possibly come by on Sunday as needed.


  2. Michael,I am not going to allow you to wear any bandanas (“Hi, 1980 called and they want them back”)! Think beanies…very cool and stylish. I’ll be sure to send over my fashion stylist, Nicole, to advise you on this matter.Take care and much love,Gregory


  3. that hat is not you! Besides how can you get into the car with that on without knocking a horn off! (smile) Hang in there!


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