It’s Show(er)time!

It’s easier to get rid of lymphoma than it is to shower. Getting that tape off was not pleasant.

4 thoughts on “It’s Show(er)time!”

  1. Hey Michael (and Jacqui) – a great product called “Goo-Gone” will take the tape off and leave whatever hairs the chemo doesn’t take. Everyone here is sending lots of good thoughts your way, and we’ll foward any really good jokes to keep the laughter rolling.Kathleen and everyone in the Balsam Lab


  2. Hey Mike!You need DVDs! LOTS of them! they’re great when you have to spend so much time in the hospital. you can catch up on the sopranos, and entourage, and 7th heaven (i won’t tell anyone you watch it).how’s the hospital food anyways?take care man, i’ll see you soon.asad


  3. do you need a fluffer at the hospital? you know, for your pillows. You’re like the A-Rod of chemo therapy…er, bad analogy. Be strong…lose the yellow t-shirt.-Josh


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