Freshman Orientation

Just took a nice long walk around the hospital (schlepping my IV device) with my Aunt Bette. We found a nice bench in front of the freshman quad here at Penn. Today, it turns out, was move-in day for new students. By the looks on the faces of the parent’s dropping off their kids, I think many of them worried that I was going to infect their children with a mutant strain of the deadly Marburg virus. Move-in continues tomorrow and I think I am going to go sit on the same bench and bring along my ACME novelty Marbug virus gag kit, which includes fake projectile vomit and bloody eye juice.

3 thoughts on “Freshman Orientation”

  1. Michael,I am finding out that I can’t view this blog when I’m at work, cause either I bust out laughing (especially the “Marburg virus and UPENN freshman” stuff) or get too emotional and start crying. Both outcomes lead people to stop by my cubicle and give me wierd looks!!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend at the Cape.Gregory


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