So said Steve Schuster, my doctor, who saw me today and gave me a green light to get back to life and good health and hopefully a very long lymphoma free-future.

He was telling me to chill because I have been a bit anxious the last few days, poking at my neck and anywhere else I thought I could find a lymph node that might have decided not to cooperate with the program. But after being poked and prodded by a professional (Dr. Schuster), I have been told that there is nothing abnormal there, and that I should stop poking before I hurt myself by poking at an artery and cutting off blood flow to my brain.

So I am officially chilling. Something I did so well for 7 1/2 months of chemo, and something I started doing again today. A few weeks of freaking out post-chemo actually felt normal, especially given all that I have been through.

And so life marches on in a good way, with all sorts of fun and games and writing and teaching and traveling and etc., etc., etc.

2 thoughts on “Chill”

  1. so i finally hear how you really feel. i know, chill out ma. but now i have the written word and i like that. you are fine and if you ever want me to speak to steve shuster, no problem. remember he likes me. i love you so much. mom


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