Sophia’s First Game

Introducing our little Yankees fan.

Never mind that the Yankees are off to a terrible start (save A-Rod’s brilliant April). Never mind that the Yankees can’t seem to learn the lesson that you can’t buy World Series rings without cultivating home grown talent. And never mind that knocking down Yankee stadium so Steinbrenner & Co. can build some fancy sky boxes has Babe, Lou, Joe, Mickey, and Thurman rolling over in their graves.

Friends Stu and Ruthie accompanied us to the game yesterday.
Jeez, do I look like crap! Stu is a Mets fan.
Never forget that one of the Yankee greats,
Willie Randolph, manages the Mets!

Never mind all that for yesterday was Sophia’s first trip to the “House That Ruth Built” to root, root, root for the home team. Unfortunately, they didn’t win and it was a crying shame, especially since we were playing the dreaded Red Sox, her mom’s home team, and the long-time enemies to Yankee fans across the globe. During the game Sophia wouldn’t even take her mother’s milk, saying that if she was a Red Sox fan it must be tainted with the nasty chemical fillers from Fenway Franks.

Even at such a young and innocent age, my little Sophia knows the truth!

When Sophia and I walked into the stadium together, she tethered to my chest on the baby bjorn, she was greeted by everyone from the ticket taker to the NYC policeman to the hat store saleswoman with a smile and a cheerful Yankee stadium greeting of “Go Yanks! Red Sox Suck!” It was, to Sophia’s great disappointment the Yankee pitching that sucked yesterday, and the Yanks got clobbered. But as Sophia and all Yankee fans know, tomorrow is another day and we’ve never waited eighty-odd years to win a World Series.

I love my mommy even though she roots for the Red Sox.

While sitting in our great seats behind home plate, I told Sophia about all of the great times I shared with her Grandpa Allen at the stadium over the years, and how together (despite the vociferous objections of her mother) we would carry on the Yudell family tradition of rooting for the Yanks. I also told her how much her Grandpa would have loved to have taken her to her first baseball game, and how much he missed her. And just how much we missed him.

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  1. Dear Michael,You are lucky that your hemoglobin is still low or I would kick your butt over this latest blog entry. Sort of like how the Red Sox have been kicking the Yankees butt this year. Don’t forget that since our daughter was born the Red Sox have beat the Yankees 5 out of 6 times. Sounds to me like she is a good luck charm for the BoSox.xoxo JacquiDear Sophia,As you grow up you will surely develop the loyalty, passion and patience that characterizes all of Red Sox nation. Even your grandfather understood this. Your father is a wonderful man who is very loyal and intensely passionate but who lacks patience and will therefore never cheer for the good guys. It is okay, we love him anyway. All my love and pride,Mommy


  2. Dear Jacqui,You are clearly delirious from taking care of me for 8 months. Rest up. And then you’ll realize you are powerless against Sophia being a Yankee fan.xoxoDear Sophia,As I am sure you know, any group of fans that refers to themselves as a “nation” is creepy in a cult-ish sort of way. Go Yanks.Love,Daddy


  3. dear sophia,as your grandma, i have to say that whatever team you should choose will be okey dokey with me. you know alot of people wear two hats and that is not always a bad thing. love thy parents equally is the way to go. and anyway who knows you may be a met fan. so for now you are the sox’s lucky charm but you are mine too as well. i love you sophia and do not forget we will be cha chaing soon. grandma…go sox go — go yanks go


  4. Dearest Sophia:Buube and I are confident that you will follow in your daddy’s footsteps and marry a Red Sox fan.After all Red Sox fans are passionate, loyal, patient and eternally optimistic.Counting the minutes until we see you.Love, hugs and kisses,Papa Z


  5. I have decided to stay out of this obviously contentious family feud and i know good will trump evil….it was great to see you guys and i have now officially eaten the best black and white cookie(s) this side of the hudson. I hope Sophia has recovered from the shock of Auntie Dori screaming hello.


  6. Remember, little Sophia was born and is being raised in the City of Brotherly Love (and sisterly devotion) and just may end up a Phillies fan…it’s really not so bad. My kids come from a long line of Mets fans but sport their red Phillies hats with pride and we’ve all started to get used to it.Jen Kolker


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