Stuck in Neutral

My white count showed a little activity and ticked up a notch today, but lacks the spunk needed to get me out of here by tomorrow. Plus, my hemoglobin and platelets dropped again (all normal), so I’ll need more blood and platelets today.

I am really getting my money’s worth from this final round.

Did anybody watch Alberto Gonzalez testify before Congress this morning? What a weasel. Guess it’s time for the President to give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom or something like that.

And check out this nonsense out of Bush’s Justice Department…

2 thoughts on “Stuck in Neutral”

  1. Hi Michael and Jacqui, just checking in. We are thinking of you and dovening for you. I am still in shock as to how simultaneously hard and wonderful this year has been for you.Love,Rachel et al (from Israel)


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