Just My Luck

I am at the tail end of my B cycle neutropenia, but in my post-chemo world that doesn’t matter much because methotrexate and cytaribine are still doing a number on my marrow, my counts are still in the crapper, and I popped a fever this afternoon while getting another bag o’platelets and 2 units of blood. BUMMER.

So I am officially locked away until my white count recovers into non-neutropenic territory, a feat that should be on Thursday or Friday once the Neulasta (the drug that builds back up your white count) kicks on.

As a going away present for my patience and success in chemotherapy, the hospital gave me one of the two fancy rooms on Rhoads 6–marble bathroom, wood molding and all. These rooms were built for patients enduring extra-long hospital stays for transplants, but one of them was empty tonight and I was lucky enough to get it. So this is it. The final stretch. Almost there.

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  1. Hi there Mike – I just spoke to your Mom briefly and she told me you are in the hospital, so I went to the blog to read what is going on. My thoughts are with all of you – Dianne


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