Goodbye Methotrexate, Hello Switzerland!

Last night, just after the Anchluss and around the time Maria and Captain Von Trapp returned from their honeymoon, my final bag of methotrexate stopped dripping. A few minutes after, the Von Trapp Family Singers started singing “Goodbye, Farewell”, and I am now halfway through the dreaded B cycle. So far so good.

But it wasn’t a total goodbye, farewell. I still have the cytarbine to get through, and the first of four bags of that life saving gunk started flowing through the IV just as that Nazi-rat Rolfe, having heard Leisl’s gasp, blew his whistle and called for the Lieutenant. Thankfully, the Von Trapps, with the help of the Sisters, eluded the cluchtes of the evil Nazis and escaped into Switzerland and then the United States for a quiet life of singing, waxing cross country skis, and serving hot chocolate in Stowe, Vermont at the Von Trapp Family Lodge.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Methotrexate, Hello Switzerland!”

  1. it was fun last night watching parts of the sound of music with you and jacq and not sophia as she cannot watch t.v. until 2 years of age. love your blog. mama


  2. And then Mike and Enid had dinner at the Von Trapp family lodge when they were in Stowe in 1973, Enid went into labor in the early morning, they drove to New York and had Daniel.For some reason that part of the story wound up on the cutting room floor.All our love and best wishes,Mike and Enid


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