Once Again… A Fever

After two bags of blood and some IV antibiotics, I am now checked back in to Rhoads 6 for the neutropenic fever waitfest. I spiked a fever of 102.2 this morning and that means that I am locked up with the key thrown away until my counts rebound, likely mid-week next.

This admission is with a heavy heart as my father continues to have a rough time. We are able to speak a few times a day, and he is comfortable, but he is not getting a break. I only wish that I could get on a plane and be there with him to cheer him up. But because of my situation I cannot go anywhere. This whole thing is horrible. A whole lotta life around these parts. Yes, my lymphoma is gone, but to watch my dad decline and to be helpless and far away is breaking my heart. I know that I must get better quickly so I can get down to see him. That is all that matters now. Please keep your prayers coming.

2 thoughts on “Once Again… A Fever”

  1. Dear Michael, I finally found how to get your blogger. Just want you to know how wonderful you were to me and my Mother and sister when my Father died. I loved him dearly and you were there for him and all of us will never be able to thank you enough. As a new Daddy, you have some idea how loved you are by your parents. I’m happy your Dad was able to live long enough to meet Sophia. Forever indebted to you and with all my love and sadness about Allen, Leah


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