You Are Getting Sleepy… Very Sleepy

With my counts quickly heading south, not even a good episode of Magnum can keep me awake. My white counts were still out of the neutropenic pooper yesterday afternoon, but my hemoglobin was already 9.3 and declining. Tomorrow should brighten me up a bit though with a few bags of blood and platelets.

For now though, sleepy time.

5 thoughts on “You Are Getting Sleepy… Very Sleepy”

  1. My flight was cancelled. So, if there’s anything you need over the next couple of days, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve already taken the time of. Feel better.-Margaux


  2. Rest up big fella. To brighten your spirits, I’ll let you in on some additional news from our end. Just found out the baby is a boy; let the games begin.


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