Now that my platelets have recovered to chemo-safe territory, my white count is depressed from the flu I had through the Saturday. I am officially a pain in my own ass and prohibited from chemo-ing until at least Thursday.


So I am back at home tonight (that part is great) sitting by the fireplace with my beautiful wife and daughter.

On a sad note, I ran into the daughter of Sam, the very deaf ninety-five-year-old hip fracture patient who I shared my room with during chemo back in November ( Sam was a sweet old man, and I was deeply impressed by the love and affection he and his wife, together for probably seventy years, had for one another, despite the fact that neither of them could talk or hear particularly well. Sam never recovered from his surgery and died a few weeks after we were roommates. He is terribly missed by his family.

It is an incredible thing that Sam and his wife were together for so long. We should all be so blessed.

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  1. It is amazing that you finally know that you are a pain in your” own ass”.I love you anyway. Send kisses to Jacqui and Sofia


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