WARNING: Dad, Do Not Read This Entry!

Chemo now set for Monday.

In an alternate universe where it wouldn’t give my father terrible guilt knowing that I got the flu upon returning from visiting him in Florida, I would tell you all (on the condition that you DO NOT mention this to my father) that I got the flu on Monday night. Good thing my blood counts were low Monday, causing the initial chemo delay. It would have sucked coming down with the flu while getting filled up with methotrexate. I’ve had a fever all week that finally broke today.

I gotta tell you, chemo is nothing next to the flu. I’m serious. 102.8 without any purpose just stinks. At least the miseries of chemo are for my own good. The flu sucks no matter how you cut it.

Special thanks to Jacqui who insisted that I thank her for taking such good care of me this week. Somehow taking care of me while I have the flu is more difficult than when I am recovering from chemo. Go figure.

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