Sophia on the Town

Tonight, bundled all up, baby Sophia and I headed out for a night on the town. Wanting to give Jacq a few moments alone to sleep without distraction, Sophia and I went to a dinner at school to introduce her to the Drexel community who all welcomed her with open arms (although per doctor’s order nobody in crowds is allowed to touch her without “scrubbing in” for these first few weeks of her life).

It was so much fun taking her out–first bundling her up, then carrying her in the car seat to the car, schlepping the giant car seat from the car 4 blocks to the dinner, hanging out, and then reversing course. I imagine my biceps will get back into shape post-chemo even without going to the gym with all this wacky paraphernalia. But it just felt great having her out with me, father and child on their first of many adventures. Some day I’ll tell her about the first time I took her someplace and how incredible that made me feel, and she’ll probably just look at me like I am crazy and head out for her own version of a night on the town which most certainly won’t include me.

On our way home it started to snow lightly, which marked a beautiful end to our special night out.

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