Sophia was a bit fussy today, skipping two feedings then eating, then skipping two feedings again before slurping down an entire dairy’s worth of milk. Otherwise, mother and daughter are doing well, and are both napping as I write this.

5 thoughts on “Sophia”

  1. i’ll try this again – the blog keeps rejecting my comments. trying not to take it personally. i’m so happy for you and eager to meet my new,sherryl


  2. Mike & Jacqui,Congratulations!! I generally do not believe that that newborns are cute, but there are exceptions: Indeed, Sophia is adorable. Mike, that’s great news about the clean spleen (not trying to be a poet). Star Wars, huh? Enquiring minds want to know what’s on Sophia’s NetFlix list?Sending wishes for continued joy to the whole family,-Boris


  3. (I’ve been trying to comment for awhile…but it has been rejecting me, as well. hopefully this will work)Congratulations guys!! Sophia is beautiful!! I’m happy to hear that Michael is also doing well. I can’t wait to see the baby!! :)~Renee


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