Baby Naming Postponed

It has been a whirlwind. And an amazing one at that.

Sophia, Jacq, and I are at home now with Otis, and our family had a nice night just being on the couch.

We have decided to postpone the baby naming for either a few weeks or a few months. My father had a small procedure last week, and can’t travel comfortably for a few weeks. And for a guy who wanted to be a grandfather just about more than anyone on this planet, we couldn’t go ahead without him. We will keep you updated once we have a new date.

BUT… we will be hanging out at home this Saturday and will be welcoming friends and family who want to come by during the day to meet Sophia (or just stop by to admire my shiny head). So we hope to see at least some of you this Saturday and all of you once we have a date for the baby naming.

4 thoughts on “Baby Naming Postponed”

  1. the baby is as beautiful as MOM said – congratulations……can’t wait for her debit -all our love, Carole and Harry


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