Sophia Comes Home!!!

Today we left the hospital, and it is so good to be home. Sophia loves her new house, her big brother Otis, and Jacqui’s fresh milk which has now come in in abundance. The photos below mark Sophia’s trip home. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Sophia Comes Home!!!”

  1. Mike and Jacqui, Congratulations! Sophie is a beauty. What a ride you guys have been on. The simultaneous arrival of Sophie with the news about the marrow are surely symptomatic of great things to come. Enjoy these first few days at home. From someone who’s been there, that ‘oh sh!#’ feeling never seems to go away.


  2. Michael & Jacqui, What a beautiful baby you’ve got there! Sophia is a beautiful name too. We have 5 boys waiting in line to meet her. 5 chances to get a Gottsegen!(and Madison to play with her) Can’t wait to see you all. Love, Eileen & Stan


  3. mrussello-positivity is a much better attitude. michael has it so i doubt that his happiness will go away. learn from him.


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