Debbie Does…

A few weeks back, in between treatments, my mother-in-law and I descended upon the mess that was my office to help me get some good old-fashioned organization in my life. While we were busy at work one of my colleagues came into my office. When I introduced my mother-in-law and told him what we were doing, he laughed, and wondered who was crazier–the mother-in-law who would do such a thing, or the son-in-law who would ask?

The great thing about Debbie is that she is always ready, willing, and able. Not in a “nebbishy, in your face” kind of way, and not in an overwhelming “I gotta get out of the house my mother-in-law is here” kind of way, but rather in just a “what can I do to be as helpful as possible to Michael and Jacqui, especially in their time of need” kind of way. Everyone in the family has been helpful in their own unique ways–my dad is team leader food, my mom team leader house cleaning, Jacqui’s dad team leader take care of Otis, and my sister team leader not-one-particular-thing, just helpful and loving in general. Debbie has emerged as team leader organization. When Debbie is in town Jacqui is always ready with a list, and Debbie is shopping, running errands, or organizing something that is a mess. She has been a great help to us during this crazy time.

But even more than “Team Leader Organization,” Debbie has been loving and kind to Jacqui and I, offering emotional support and strength in our time of need. I am so appreciative and grateful for all that you have done for me; of the ways you and Alan have always made me feel loved, and especially for giving me the greatest gift of all…Jacqui.

So, thanks, Debbie. If you are willing to take your next assignment, they’ll be a lot of organizing and love needed once baby Lester arrives… any time now.

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  1. i know how you feel about debbie. we feel the same about her at the famous “petal Pushers” the best organizer and friend to all. we are all lucky. jane yudell


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