Released at 1pm following a bag of platelets. Did you know that one small bag of platelets is culled from between three and five donors? So if you are not an eligible donor for me, please consider donating blood through your local Red Cross. It is a special gift. This week I received blood and platelets from anonymous donors in Philadelphia, Ohio, and New York.

From the hospital I went home, took a quick shower, and then went to teach for two hours. During break I went to the bathroom and noticed in the mirror that my eyebrows have thinned over the last few weeks. Not a good look, but with a nice break from chemo coming up, they should fill back in quickly. Any stopgap make-up suggestions from the ladies out there?

Otherwise, I am feeling pretty good, and looking forward to some R&R at home with Jacq and Otis.

Tomorrow Lester is 37 weeks and is good to go. Jacq had an appointment yesterday and “the door” is still closed, so we have a weekend of watching comedies and horror movies to try to induce labor and coax the little one out. At her appointment she told the doc that she thought the baby wasn’t kicking as much, so the doc had her do a routine nonstress test. After drinking some cranberry juice, the baby was performing somersaults and karate kicks, given a black belt in karate, and given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, yesterday was a rough day for me (hemoglobin at 5.4, which is just about in the danger zone, so they had to transfuse me) and I couldn’t be with Jacq. So there she was at one UPenn hospital making sure baby was OK, and there I was at another UPenn hospital with doctors making sure I didn’t stroke out from lack of oxygen to my brain. It was a pretty upsetting situation, but we are all now OK and resting at home. Hats off to all the doctors and nurses at Penn who were in overdrive while all this was going on, pumping me up with blood, and ready to ship me off to Jacq should she have needed to be induced. Thanks docs and nurses on Rhoads 6, you are taking great care of me, and I am always appreciative.

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  1. all’s well that ends well as it always will. tough day but now you two actually just about 3 are together where you belong. nothing could make me happier.


  2. Anonymous said… To recreate your natural brow line: Buy brush-on eyebrow color or a pencil in a shade that matches your hair color. Hold the pencil straight up against your nose, parallel to the inside corner of your eye. This is where the eyebrow should begin. Draw a dot just above the brow bone. Looking straight ahead, place the pencil parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of your eye. Place a dot where the highest part of the brow line should be. To define the outside edge of the brow, place the pencil diagonally from the bottom corner of your nose past the outside corner of your eye and draw a dot. Be sure the outer edge of the brow is not lower than the inside one, as this will create a down-turned expression. Once you have the basic shape right, connect the dots into a brow line with feathery strokes of color, making the brow fuller on the inside corner and thinning as it moves out. With practice, drawing an eyebrow is as simple as applying lipstick (really!). Good luck,Neil Schwartz


  3. One last piece of advice – you’ll need a really big pencil in order to recreate all the hair that has fallen out of your ass.


  4. Eewwwwwwww! Can you say tmi (see Neil’s last post)? I am glad, however, that you feel safe to share hair loss stories in those taboo locales ….


  5. So what horror movies are you watching? It’s Alive, perhaps? Rosemary’s Baby? Lemme know when you get around to watching Yojimbo, there will be a quiz….


  6. You are such a sweet man, full of love and warmth. You come to school with a smile and always are ready for a hug. What else could we ask of you?


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