The Count Says, “One Bag of Blood…”

Still roughing it out on Rhoads 6 at Penn, hoping that my blood counts start heading north before my frustration requires a room with padded walls.

I am putting out another call for donor blood. I am all out of bags after yesterday’s transfusion.

So, if you are either A or O type, have not had mono, Epstein-Barr, hepatitis, any strange STDs, or cooties, I want your blood.

Local Philly blood works best. If you are eligible, please email me and I will help set things up. The sooner, the better. Peace!

Here is the link to general Red Cross eligibility guidelines:,1082,0_557_,00.html

5 thoughts on “The Count Says, “One Bag of Blood…””

  1. UPDATE: My latest counts are heading up, and I am feeling better. Unfortunately, I am stuck here until my counts are up to a certain level. So the wait begins…


  2. After my strange travels around these states of yours, I will be happy to donate blood for you. I promise, my cooties are only from very clean local farm animals from my most beautiful country (and my sister).


  3. Dear Michael,The count is ok but cookie monster and elmo are my favorite.. can’t you give equal air time to all my sesame friends?? Hope you will be back in the hospital this week or next for my new friend to come,maya


  4. Dear Michael,Hi!! I just wanted to check in with you and let you know I am loving the new blog look!!! Who put the Borat quote up here? Have you seen it? It is literally an 1 and 30 minutes of non-stop laughing!!! Unbelievably funny!!Take care and please send my best to Jacqui!Much love,Gregory


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