Super Kidney

Once again, after a heavy dose of methotrexate, my super kidney has done its job and metabolized one ginourmous bag of yellow chemo. I was discharged at around 1:30pm, and now me and my tired kidney are at home resting.

The B cycle crash will probably come earlier this week as my counts already began to drop even before I left the hospital, so I suspect that by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be mushed into the pillows of our comfy red couch.

Special thanks to all of those who came to visit me in the hospital this week–my mom and sister, Rick, Vandana, Paul, Bette, Jaime, Renee, Bill, Ivy, Maya. Special thanks to our friend Matt who drove down from NYC for a visit and brought with him the good news that he starts his first job as a nurse at Mt. Sinai on Monday, and the yummyness of Zabar’s in the form of fresh bagels, sturgeon, fresh cream cheese, and, most importantly, a pound of whitefish brought especially for my doctor who ate breakfast (and sometimes lunch) with me to chat about lymphoma, chemo, good Jewish food, and Jacqui’s giant belly.

Given that Jacq will be busy taking care of me and Lester this week, and I will be short on hemoglobin and brain power, I am welcoming contributions for guest blogs. So if you feel like blogging, send ’em over to See you online!

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  1. Dear Michael,Thank you for letting me come visit you. I was really glad you shared the challah and the juice with me. You were pretty cool but I especially liked your neighbor. I really like babies so please hurry up and have yours by the next time I visit (thanksgiving). Thanks.Love,Mayaps my mommy is really glad you are home from the hospital!!


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