So Far, So Good

The dreaded B cycle, which should knock my socks off some time late next week with very low blood counts, has been pretty easy going down so far. Right now I am getting an IV dose of a drug called leucovorin, a “recovery drug”, which helps my body metabolize the 24-hour-straight chemo that I finished last night. I cannot leave the hospital until that chemo is well metabolized, which was not a problem last round, so I should be good to go home by about 3pm tomorrow just after my final dose.

I got a new roommate last night, who was here only briefly, was very nice, and had working ears. Last night was thus quiet night. Hopefully tonight is the same.

My nurse just told me a crazy story which proves that truth is much, much stranger than fiction. On Halloween night last week, one of the patients here on the lymphoma floor had their young son come to visit in full costume. Take a second to consider what the most offensive costume someone could choose to dress up as on an oncology floor? A zombie doctor? No. Dr. Jack Kevorkian? No. How about a four foot tall grim reaper going door to door on Rhoads 7 trick or treating? Yes! And how about the transplant patient who had to be medicated after opening her door and finding a miniature grim reaper, scythe and all, yelling trick or treat.

No grim reapers tonight. Hopefully one doesn’t show up as my roommate for the evening.

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  1. We wish you an uneventful evening full of nothing but metabolization so that you can go home as soon as possible. There is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks!!! :o)much love, brian and melissa


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