Looking Good, Billy Ray! Feeling Good, Louis!

Saw the doctor today for my routine between chemo appointment. Blood test showed that I am no longer neutropenic, and that my counts continue to recover nicely.

Immediately following the appointment, no longer on any dietary restrictions, I headed right to the neighborhood sushi bar where I downed some delicious tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. The food-fest continued at the Famous Deli, where Jacq and I ate sandwiches, pickles, and french fries. It’s now almost midnight and I just made myself a salad. And the night is yet young. What should I eat next? One more wafer thin mint? Get me a bucket!

Despite overeating tonight, I am feeling remarkably well. I said to Jacqui tonight that I have not felt as good as I do now since the first drop of chemo started flowing nearly two months ago in this wacky process of delymphomatization. My recovery from the first two rounds never felt complete. And while I am 6 pounds underweight and still sometimes try to place the square block through the triangle hole, tonight, in the crisp autumn air, walking around the city with Jacq, I felt a semblance of myself in mind and body. And boy did that feel good! I am looking forward to writing tomorrow, teaching Wednesday, solving the crisis in the Middle East Thursday, and writing some more on Friday. Bonus points to those of you out there who can identify the source of the title of today’s blog (Hint: It comes from one of the 900 movies that I’ve watched in the past 2 months).

A final word of thanks to all of those who visited this weekend–the Jacoby’s, Greg, Nicole, Paul, Jen, Ruthie, Paul, Bette, Hollie, Chris, Josh, Melissa, and Andrea–and especially Jacqui’s parents, who took good care of me in my weakened state. I may have been a little weak from the low blood counts, but it never dulls my feelings of love and gratitude for all that all of you are doing for us during this time.

5 thoughts on “Looking Good, Billy Ray! Feeling Good, Louis!”

  1. Michael and Jacqui,I’m glad I had the chance to see you both this past weekend. Your family is amazing! Glad you’re feeling better and stuffing your face with REAL food!See you soon,Nicole


  2. Trading Places. Glad to hear that the good old appetite is making a comeback. (I’m surprised that you did not go straight for the pork bellies and frozen orange juice concentrate.) Pretty soon you will look like Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor. C’mon Cletus! Good luck with the writing…


  3. Hey Michael,So glad to hear you are getting some good days in – soon you will be looking back and the good days will be all that you have. Chris had his 3-month follow-up dr. appointment today and things are looking good. I can’t wait for you both to be back on the same cycle of follow-up appointments – and on the road to the cure. We’ll see you tomorrow,Hollie


  4. Trading places is not the correct answer. Its from the video for my surprise 50th birthday party when my family, tried discreetly, to depict my eating habits. Not a bad likeness. Dad.


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