Couch Day

It’s Saturday morning, a week out of chemo, and the expected blood count drop has arrived.

That makes today couch day, where I will sit in a semi-exhausted state from my low hemoglobin level, nap a little, and knit the baby a sweater which says “My Daddy Survived Lymphoma and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.”

We’ve got a full house here this weekend, with Jacqui’s parents, brother and girlfriend, and a slew of friends coming by to join my knitting circle. Please send yarn. Time for a nap.

3 thoughts on “Couch Day”

  1. Dear Michael and Jacqui,It was so nice to see the both of you yesterday, and to meet (versus read about!) your family. It is so wonderful to see how much support the both of you have and the love that surrounds you. I will be sure to visit again when I am home next!Much love,GregoryPS: Michael, don’t be hard on Jacqui for that mouse…I would be the EXACT same way!! 🙂


  2. Hi Michael & Jacqui,1. Michael, damn You are a fine writer. 2. Jacqui, You look fantastic. 3. Michael, You also look fantastic. I like the Viking theme. 4. Give Otis a massive hug for me. 5. Wish I could visit…jasia


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