Proof of Paternity

With just a week left in baseball season, my adopted home city of Philadelphia is agog at the propsect that the Phillies may, for the first time since 1993, make a post-season appearance. With slugger Ryan Howard leading the way, the Phils just may squeak into the playoffs. But given this teams ability to choke, I don’t think there’s a Philadelphian anywhere willing to bet their house on a post-season spot.

Despite the fact that Philadelphia is now my home and the Phillies are officially my adopted National League team, as an ex-pat New Yorker, the Yankees run in my blood. I will admit a strong distaste of all things Steinbrenner (his reinstatement to baseball after a lifetime ban sent Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis spinning in his grave), and I think Steinbrenner has, followed by a bunch of spineless owners, commissioners, and even player reps, weakened the game, squandered the faith in baseball of many a young American boy and girl, and may also be responsible for the ozone hole. But history–having shared almost four decades of rooting for great players like Munson, Mattingly, and Williams with my dad–keeps me coming back for more.

So what more proof do you need than that of a bloodline to show you how deeply ingrained the Yankees are. I may become a Phillies fan, but the red and white will always mingle with Yankee’s pinstripes. Below is a photo of our baby-to-be’s ultrasound. Yea, the nose gives it away. But the hat helps too.

4 thoughts on “Proof of Paternity”

  1. Oh sure. I nurse the guy back to health and this is how he says thanks. For those who might have thought otherwise, let’s be clear that no child of mine is wearing a yankees cap especially while in my belly. I know the Red Sox blew it this year but true fans never stop believing. Go Phils.


  2. when i first saw the photo i did not have my glasses on and could only make out the nose and what i thought was a blurred photo of otis. i thought perhaps you wanted to not only make sure otis was a yankee fan but that you wanted him to have a nose job. by the way, where are the other photos from day 1? love, mom againp.s. give your wife aka my daughter in law a break will ya…


  3. If that kid has any smarts, s/he will grow up to be an Astros fan. Unless George is willing to offer the kid a signing bonus at birth…Even without the Yankees hat the schnozz is clear indication that you are the “Big Papi.” Have you considered naming the child Melki Yudell? I think it has a nice ring to it and naming babies after big leaguers seems to be in style these days…v


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