A Mouse Tale

Feeling pretty good today. Had a good night’s sleep. Eating normally (save the boring precautionary neutropenic diet), watching lots of Star Trek re-runs, and preparing for tonight’s inaugural meeting of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Last night I knew that I was well on the road to recovery when I heard Jacqui screaming loudly from downstairs. Was there an intruder? Was she having some weird pregnancy pang? Was Freddy Kruger in our backyard?

I summoned the strength I had gotten from my tasteless piece of grilled chicken and baked potato and ran downstairs (taking a brief nap six steps down), and saw Jacqui is yelling at Otis to “drop it.” By “drop it,” she meant the teeny tiny baby mouse Otis had in his jowls, scooping it up, sucking on it like a mouse-flavored lollipop, spitting it out, and starting the process over again. Yummy. Tastier than three days of hospital food.

We finally got Otis to drop the poor little fella, who, I discovered upon closer inspection, had at least hours, if not days before, made his way to mouse heaven. We can’t figure out if the mouse was a bonus prize from the hospital (Otis apparently found it in my hospital bag), or if he had made his way into the bag after we had gotten home. Either way, chemo-exhaustion and all, it fell to me to discard it. I thought about putting it under Jacqui’s pillow for a good laugh, but I worried that she might react by slipping me a vomit-inducing Cipro. I threw the mouse away.

Finally, you’ll notice that you can now access the blog directly at http://www.baldmike.com/

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding some features to the website, including links to information about lymphoma, pictures of our baby-to-be, and great online mortgage offers.

3 thoughts on “A Mouse Tale”

  1. you are without a doubt the funniest person i know. only you could find the humor in this horrific happening. if i, your mother, had been there i would have probably fainted dead away but not before i ran out of the house leaving otis in the house with his little pal. i would then have called the mouse police or the aspca or whatever and waited for their help. and you know that i love and adore otis as if he were my own. BUT…if you as a child had a mouse in your mouth i would have probably done the same thing. what kind of mother am i anyway??? so please please have the exterminator in so in case the mouse came in from outside your house it won’t happen again. much love, your mother the mouse hater


  2. p.s. here are some suggestions:1. brush otis’s teeth2. wash his mouth out with alcohol3. give him some ciprolove, your mom of course


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