Puke-meter up to 6

Hi everyone, this is Jacqui blogging for a change. Finally I took advantage of Michael’s weakened state to learn the secret codes to his famous blog. Ah, what power I hold. I guess I should warn you all that I am not nearly as funny as my husband but you probably already figured that out.

Anyway, wanted to let you know that it is a good thing that Cape Cod remains 8 hours away since we have already made 3 drug store runs and a 2 am trip to the ER. No worries, Michael just needed some IV fluids and we were on our way. In other news I think I am going to cancel my gym membership since the regular trips up and down the stairs in our house are giving me all of the exercise I need. We’ll see what happens in my eighth month…

Anyway, I know Michael already said this in previous posts but I want to reiterate that all of your support has been invaluable this week. Thank you especially to those who visited in the hospital and who called daily. Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Puke-meter up to 6”

  1. Both of you continue amazing under challenging circumstances, to say the least. Decision to forego cape this year is an excellent one. You have each other and all of us out here holding you- we all hope you feel that as you move through each day. WarmthMarla


  2. Here’s to him getting better and to you feeling great.Remember I’m always up for a game of scrabble, esp. on these rainy days. You and I can even play online if we don’t feel like going out (right now, with this weather, I’m guessing neither of us do!)–there’s this awesome site, http://www.isc.ro, download and install the software (it’s really easy) and look for me under “Crisoi” (best to set a time so I know to open the program, otherwise I’m online virtually all the time). Hugs to you both.


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