Have You Heard the One About?

Have you heard the one about the schmuck with the pregnant wife who just finished his first round of chemo and thought he was going to drive eight hours to Cape Cod the next day?

Need I say more.

Got home from the hospital feeling great. Tolerated the chemo remarkably well. Roads were wet last night, so we figured that we’d be better off waiting until morning to start our trip. Jacq was exhausted too. 3 nights on a hospital pull-out does that to you, I hear (the husband in chemo and a kicking fetus don’t help matters either).

This morning I woke up feeling it. I’ve never been so exhausted. It was an overwhelming feeling, nothing like I’ve felt before. I didn’t feel sick (at first, at least). Just such exhaustion that is was uncomfortable to find a comfortable position and sleep felt beyond reach. I didn’t even remember falling back asleep, but I woke up, not feeling naseaus at all, but only with a tremendous urge to vomit, which I finally did (for those of you counting, that was my first puke, not bad for a guy in chemo). What a relief! I was finally able to eat, and get some normal sleep (which I’ve been doing on and off all day), and slowly I am regaining some strength and feeling ok.

So, no Cape Cod for today. We’ve decided that Cape May (just a 90 minute drive) will have to do this year. Cape Cod is our favorite place in the world to just relax, and if Jacq wasn’t 6 1/2 months pregnant, I would have probably forced her to drive me. But with both of us a bit hobbled, driving that far was a stupid idea. Oh, well. Too bad Otis can’t drive.

6 thoughts on “Have You Heard the One About?”

  1. Good call on staying home. I know after my first treatment I didn’t want to travel from my bedroom to the kitchen (let alone Massachussets). Hope you guys rest up this weekend. Take care.Chris


  2. I look forward to seeing photos of you, Jacqui, Otis and “Lester” at Great Pond next year. For now, rest, relax… & I’ll bring over my Joel Meyerson book if you like.Love,bette


  3. ok- so for those of us keeping score at home, the puke-meter now is at one. we’re still waiting for the pictures…good idea to go with cape may over cape cod. Otis, however, has slipped a notch now that we know he cannot drive. looks like we’re getting him driver’s ed. lessons for chanukah. by the way, have you heard the one about what my wife did on the way home from dinner tonight? it’s not dirty like that, but it sure ain’t clean. I’ll tell you later.The Patts


  4. so good decision on no cape cod. you two always do the right thing. am so glad that you are feeling more rested. time will fly by and it will be done with before you know it. your attitude is as usual great with this as well as all in your life. i would like to meet your family one day. do they know what a phenomenal son they have? am sure they do. who could miss it. keep a puke bag by your bed. but don’t forget to empty it or the place will stink.


  5. Michael-Finally, a blog I can comment on. We’re reading your blog daily and pulling for you and Jacquie. Love,Josh, R, A, J and A


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