Visiting Hours Coming to a Close… Almost Free (for now)!

Thanks to all the friends, family, delivery persons, and debt collectors who stopped by this week to check on me and bring all sorts of hospital contraband. Pictured above are friends Vandana and Rick, two doctors here at Penn, who smuggled in the beer for a late night kegger here at 6014 Rhoads. It was a blast. Nothing goes better together than cytoxan (last night’s chemo), Pabst Blue Ribbon, and me dancing around in my hospital gown.

I’ll be discharged mid-afternoon on Saturday, so for those of you who were planning on visiting, make sure you come early, or just save it for the next round in a few weeks. I’ve had a ton of visitors this week, and am so appreciative for all of your love and support via the blog, email, phone calls, and a stop by.

I am doing fine. The chemo so far has had no ill effect, and all I am looking forward to at this point is getting home and giving Otis a big kiss.

Once I am out of here today, there will be minimal blogging from Cape Cod. Time for some private time with Jacq and Otis, some long walks in the dunes of the Cape, and maybe a nice big lobster (as long as my nurse doesn’t pop out from under the table and tell me I can’t eat it).

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