Can’t Spell Trouble Without Sushi

Last nights dinner arrived from our local Japanese/Sushi joint. My father, who’s job this week has been “Team Captain: Food”, came rolling in with a giant platter of raw fish. The nurses, apparently horrified that someone on chemo would eat raw rish (potentially dangerous bacteria) told my mother that I could not eat the sushi. After talking with the nurse for a few minutes and checking my now normal blood count (and calming my mother down), it was determined that I could eat the sushi… for now. But then I found out all the stuff that I can’t eat when my blood count drops, which will happen 7-10 days from now, lasting for just a few days here and there. No raw veggies, no fruits, unless you can peel them, no soft-serve ice cream or yogurt, no non-frozen bagels, and, worst of all, no leftovers. And the list goes on. Yikes, when my blood count drops, I guess my weight will too. Fun!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Spell Trouble Without Sushi”

  1. dear bald mike,i find it hard to believe that “your mother” whom i know very well, would get excited over the raw sushi thing. from what i hear about her is that her main concern is your health. that is what mom’s are for. i have never seen her get excited. she is just a bit animated which makes her so very interesting to have around. and from what you said it turns out that she might know a thing or two. so enjoy her as she loves and adores you and your wife and the future grandchild to be. from, a dear friend


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