All’s Well

It turned out to be a fairly quick trip to Rhodes 6 and I was home for lunch on Monday. As always, the nurses and doctors on Rhodes 6 made my life as easy as possible while imprisoned there. My eternal thanks to them for taking great care of me during my visit.

Tests have confirmed my remission and we have quickly gotten back to life both lymphoma-free AND lymphoma-related-free.

Now back to blogging about fun stuff. Here are a few recent photos of Sophia who is thriving.

One thought on “All’s Well”

  1. Michael: I am sorry that the chemo makes you suffer so much, but fortunately it is doing what it is intended to do in keeping you healthy. Sophia continues to look adorable.Linda PhillipsPS: Yes I still look at at your blog, though not often, since you rarely blog these days. I hope that you got the updated picture of me that I sent you last week. I look a lot different age 65 than I did at age 16…LOL


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