The Return of Rituxan

Today, I am happy to report, marked the six month anniversary of my completion of chemotherapy. I remain lymphoma-free and feel great, despite both a Yankees and Phillies loss today.

To celebrate this wonderful milestone I am going to see the opening show of Bruce Springsteen in Philly tomorrow night. And, I am excited to report, tomorrow is also a great day to get my bi-annual dose of the post-delymphomatization maintenance drug rituxan. Tomorrow morning I’ll have an IV again hooked into my arm for that delicious slow rituxan drip. Aside from the benadryl induced sleepiness, there are no side-effects for me from the rituxan and I should get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

All in all, not a bad way to mark six months later.

4 thoughts on “The Return of Rituxan”

  1. I found your blog while doing a search on google, I read your entires over the last year + and it warmed my heart to see that during such difficult times one CAN keep their spirits up. I laughed and cried! What a beautiful family you have, an incredible wife and the most beautiful daughter. I truely enjoyed reading of you getting better and to see the love of your family grow…gives some hope to what sometimes feels hopeless. Thank you for taking the time during your struggle to share and educate!


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