Blood Doping

Yesterday I paid my every-six-week-check-up-for-now visit to Steve Schuster, oncologist extraordinaire. Everything is fine, and my physical recovery seems just about complete (although I cannot say the same for my mental recovery. The days leading up to the check up are very stressful, and Jacqui has to tape my hands together to stop me from poking at every square inch of my body in the hunt for an errand lymph node).

Schuster commented on my hemoglobin levels being so robust, and even jokingly accused me of doping my blood. So today I am packing my bags and heading for the south of France where another young cancer survivor won six consecutive Tour de France. Anyone have a bike I can borrow?

2 thoughts on “Blood Doping”

  1. don’t worry, be happy. stop poking, let your mama do the worrying for you. seriously, you are fine. i know it is difficult those days before the test but just think of jacq and sophia and hold them tight and know that all is just beautiful and you are a survivor and that one day you will get that bike.


  2. Just checking in to see how you are doing, Tim is doing great! He is Day+90 from transplant today and off mask precautions, he’s very happy for that and is celebrating with friends and going out to eat! He still has monthly follow ups for awhile and scans will be coming up soon. Laurie and Tim


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