NY Traffic Makes Me Put My Underwear On My Head

We celebrated my first father’s day with a trip to NYC. We had intended to go to my hometown as a way to feel close to my dad, but 4 hours of traffic later and only so far as Brooklyn, we detoured to a lovely dinner in Manhattan where Sophia’s Godfather Kelvin joined us for a father’s day fiesta and some yummy grilled lobster. It was a nice night, but boy do we all miss my dad.

2 thoughts on “NY Traffic Makes Me Put My Underwear On My Head”

  1. Mike, you look great in that picture on Father’s Day!!!! Sophia is too cute for words – I love the pictures, and I just cannot wait to see you on Saturday!Love,Beth


  2. Great event at the World Cafe tonight!! Thanks for putting it together. It was wonderful to meet the both of you after following along from the side lines for the past several months. Your story is truly inspirational and has helped us start on our own road to recovery. We wish only the the best for you and your family as you have endured so much!!Dave DiMaria and Lori Ann Schneider


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