Neil Schwartz: Don’t Forget Your Passport

I forgot to post this photo of my mom and Sophia from our trip to the Caymans. So cute.

Also, June 23rd is the Lymphoma Free Run/Walk and Chemo-Free BBQ at our home at noon. I’ve sent out an evite and general email, but I am afraid it got lost to spam for many of you. Email me for details if you have not heard from me and can make it. Unless, that is, you are one Mr. Neil Schwartz. If your name is Neil Schwartz, you will not be allowed in to the State of Pennsylvania that day without a passport and visa.


One thought on “Neil Schwartz: Don’t Forget Your Passport”

  1. we are attached by a water bottle and that is okay by grandma. grandma will always share with sophia and i remember that moment well. sophia the beautiful and sweet.


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