Happy 1/2 Birthday Sophia!!!

Today Sophia is 6 months old.



6 thoughts on “Happy 1/2 Birthday Sophia!!!”

  1. Dearest Sophia:Happy 1/2 birthday!You have brought us such joy and bring sunshine wherever you go.Counting the seconds until we see you and mommy and daddy.We love you,Papa Z & Bubbe


  2. Happy 6 month birthday Sophia! You all look like you are having the best time and you certainly deserve it! Enjoy yourselves!love,Brooke, Dan, and Lily


  3. Happy Birthday Sophia!Hope you guys are enjoying the vacation. It certainly looks like it by way of the pictures. Jay and Jordana


  4. to my cha cha girl,happy 1/2 year birthday,being your grandma has been one of those extraordinary moments in life that are deeply overwhelming and unexplainable. you are the offspring of my firstborn and you light up my life. i love and adore you. grandma p.s. cut the crying


  5. Happy half b’day, half pint:) Michael, you are a lucky boy to have such beauties in your life. Simply gorgeous.love to all…


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