Mother’s Day

Jacqui, Sophia and I celebrated Jacqui’s first mother’s day as a mother at the Mainline Inn for dinner. Historically, mother’s day has been a rough day for Jacq, having lost her mother when she was nine. Today we remembered Jacqui’s mother Teri and celebrated her and Jacqui’s connections through time as mothers. Over dinner, as Jacq talked about the joy she felt thinking about how she and her mother now shared in motherhood and how she drew strength thinking about how her mother held and loved her in the same way that she was at that moment holding and loving Sophia, Jacq acknowledged how mother’s day would be a much happier day going forward, and how a new closeness to her mother would be an important source of strength for her as a parent. See, good things can come from hallmark holidays.

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  1. Dear Jacqui, Michael and Sophia Sarah,Mother’s Day has always been particularly difficult for me as my dear mother passed when I was 19 after a five year battle with breast cancer that metastasized.Ironically her name was Sari and my first born daughter was named after her. My daughter Sari is alsofighting breast cancer..another of life’s cruel circles.I just wanted the three of you to know that it has been a great pleasure for me to visit with you these last couple of days. Michael, I truly enjoyed our dinner the other night and also watching you feed Sophia her dinner was a marvelous experience and also watching Otis as he tries to figure his new role in the family out was funny and sad at the same time..He needs a dog shrink, I think..8>)..Jacqui, I can now fully understand why Michael fell in love with youand also showed such a keen appreciation for beauty by picking you out of the crowd at the 110th St. subway station. Good job, Mike!I am very happy that my daughter Jasmyn and her boyfriend Matt got to meet all of you..Jacqui, it might be easier for me to say what I want to say to you in this forum rather than in person because I know I will lose it if I do it in person (but I probably will anyway) but I wanted to say, as the dad of one of Michael’s oldest friends, and as someone who feels privileged to call Michael my dear friend as well, the following:Thank you for your deep love and support for Michael through his ordeals. Thank you for your intelligence, your kindness, and especially your strength and unwavering support. I know you did not do it for my thanks but I wanted you to have them nevertheless. In a world where so many people focus on themselves solely it is beautifully refreshing to me to see such unselfish love…With all the tzuris you guys have gone through you are very blessed as a family and as a couple. Sophia, particularly, is so obviously surrounded by love, that the experience of being with the three of you has filled me with a joy that I can’t properly describe in words..You are a breathtakingly lovely family.I especially am looking forward to our dinner tonight…It is an absolute pleasure having all of you in my life…with my love,Steve


  2. p.s. a correction…regarding should have been see you again Mike…sorry, didn’t know how to edit my post.we talked a lot about you guys at dinner…as you know Jasmyn is struggling with being away from her boyfriend and thinking of commuting to NYC from Philadelphia so they can be together..It is a difficult problem but I mentioned “The Gift of the Magi” by O’Henry and how lucky the young couple was even though the guy sold his watch to buy beautful combs for his wife’s long hair, which she had sold to buy him a watch fob..the underlying message is that they were blessed to have each other’s love, and you guys are as well…by the way this post is dated May 16th, 2007


  3. you are both so fortunate to have each other and all those that surround you with love and care. i of course am one of those at the top of the list. this is a bit late in coming but i am in awe as usual by the two of you and now i am adding the father of one of my most favorite people, sandy, to the family of friends that we hold so dear. mom now to steve– you take my breath away. the way that you feel about my family is so beautiful and i love you for it. your support has been unending and so appreciated by all. sari, if you read this, my love and wishes for all good to you. i remember you so well as a little girl. so magnificent and elegant and sweet. perhaps we shall all meet somewhere and rejoice in all that is good. that would be nice. and, of coursem, to sandy, you know i love you always. love, jane


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