Fathers of the World, Unite!!!

I am certainly not one to belittle the importance of mothers. With mother’s day coming up in a few days, Sophia and I are excited to be honoring Jacqui on her first mother’s day, and all of us are looking forward to honoring our moms with cards, gifts, and some simple “I Love Yous”.

But there is nothing that I find more obnoxious than when I am holding my daughter and she is crying for this or that reason and Jacqui is nearby and someone inevitably says, “she needs her mother.” During Sophia’s baby naming last Saturday, Sophia got upset and started crying and immediately the call came out from someone “she needs her mom.” I handed her off to Jacq, not because I thought she needed her mom any more than me, but because it was my turn to speak at the lectern. Little Sophia stopped crying for about .000001 of a second, and then started wailing again. And smiling daddy’s across the globe felt vindicated.

The only time my little girl absolutely needs her mama more than me is when she is hungry. And last I checked I got no milk to give. Otherwise, us dads can handle our little babies just fine, thank you very much. So next time someone out there sees a dad in distress with a mom standing by, don’t say, “aw, the baby needs their mommy.” Say instead, “that baby is real lucky to have such a loving dad.”

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