Platelet Aggravation

My platelets continue to be pesky, and chemo is now delayed until Monday. This is now four chemos in a row delayed due to either platelets, the flu, or me jumping into an icy river to save Otis.

I’ve been told to drink lot’s of platelet juice to boost my marrow’s platelet production so I can finish this damn chemo up starting Monday.

Recipe for Platelet Juice:

1 cup club soda
1 tbs grey poupon
1 cup cranberry juice (unsweetened)
1 kosher hot dog, blended into puree
1 slice of cheese pizza, blended into puree (NY Pizza preferred)
2 extra strength tylenol, finely chopped
pinch of garlic powder
1 bat’s claw, finely chopped

Stir. Do not shake.

2 thoughts on “Platelet Aggravation”

  1. You poor guy. How frustrating! But your cocktail sounds lucious. I especially like the idea of the bat claw. flavorful. Good luck Michael! Hugs, Linda Phillips


  2. Did I tell you my Plate Lit/Chick Lit pun? In fact, may I suggest Plate Lit as the title for the book version of this blog?So yeah I’m back home now. My cell phone actually worked at times in Anguilla, but wasn’t sure how you might be feeling, nor how you might “enjoy” a call from someone vacationing in the Caribbean while you were getting chemo’d. So I chickened out and didn’t call. But I often thought of you and your stated plans to travel to Caymans in near future, and if I *had* called, I would have tried to say what I’m trying to say now, which is: The monstrous events of past months *will* pass, and you will find life’s pleasures again, and feel the perfect sun and bathe in the excellent blue water and chase those tropical fish (and likely have some of them for dinner with your island rum). I made it, and you will too (and I’m usually the pessimist, remember). Are you up for a CD of pictures?I *did* get locked into a cemetary on St. Martin, however. Very funny and true! I had to climb over a wall to get out. Is this how zombie stories got started?


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