And Now For the Hard Part

Shiva ended tonight. Down in Florida my mom had a full house for the past two nights. Almost 100 friends and family members came to pay their respects to my dad each night. Here in Philly, last night we had almost 30 folks come through, tonight we had 15. Thanks to all of you that came, and thanks to my colleagues at Drexel who fed us all tonight.

I am exhausted. But I want to take this chance to again thank everyone for everything.

The hard part starts now. I miss my dad terribly and all I want to do is pick up the phone and call him. And I can’t. Ever again. What a horrible feeling.

Sophia has made this nightmare just a little bit easier. I clutched her close to my heart at the cemetery on Sunday. Without her there, the already intense pain would have hurt that much more.

4 thoughts on “And Now For the Hard Part”

  1. Dear, Dear Michael:It was so good to meet Sophia. She is beautiful! I watched you on Sunday, and I believe that your Dad certainly will live on in you, Andrea, Sophia, and your Mom. My view of dying is that the body may die, but the energy of that person is dispersed to all that were loved by that person. So, your Dad is forever a part of all of us. My earliest memories of your Dad were focused on how very much my Mother loved him. He was the apple of her eye and you might not know this, but when my Mother was married to her first husband, Al Schein, they had approached your grandparents to adopt him. Crazy, huh? Obviously Sarah and Julie said no way and Julie didn’t talk to Al for a long time afterwards he was so insulted. For so long, I have just thought of Allen and Jane, almost one word, and now it will be incomplete just saying Jane. Your Dad was adored by the entire family and I loved his dimples and his “apple cheeks” when he smiled.But you, Michael and Andrea are the best memories of your Dad. You have both grown into such wonderful and caring adults. That is your Dad’s true legacy. I became forever indebted to you when my Dad was dying in 1990. You were such a young guy then, and yet you stayed with us until your “Uncle Lou” died. You showed then the “mensch” your parents had raised and you and Andrea truly have done both of your parents very proud. Both of you maintained your own personal integrity. What an incredible job your parents did to give you the unconditonal love and support to be who you wanted to be. (And not what they wanted you to be.) As a parent you will learn how difficult it is letting that flower bloom and not “tweaking” it too much. They found the balance. So Michael, in looking back on your Dad, look no further than the mirror. You have his kindness, wit, savvy, and generosity of spirit. Annette


  2. Mike, Jacqui and Sophia.I am so sorry for your loss. I cant wait to see beautiful Sophia. She looks so cute in the photos.We miss you all.Love your cousin StaceyJim, Mollie and Joshua Coyne


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