Otis Misses Grandpa Too

I am left with the sad task of going to NYC in the morning to begin a weekend that will end with the burial of my father. The whole thing is surreal. I still have not been able to hug and comfort my mother or sister, and Jacqui, Sophia, Otis and I feel a little lonely here in Philadelphia.

And poor Otis. He and my dad had a very special relationship. Otis loved seeing my dad. When he would visit, Otis would charge him with a big doggie smile. And my dad, who at first wouldn’t touch Otis without then running to a sink to scrub his hands, eventually was mush in Otis’s paws, rubbing his belly, and even getting on the floor to play with him (which itself was a miracle given my dad’s schtick around germs). Otis won’t be able to come to the funeral, but at some point later on he and I will make the trip up to the family plot so Otis can pay his last respects by playing catch near his grave.

One thought on “Otis Misses Grandpa Too”

  1. This picture is priceless of Otis and your Dad. Otis looks alot like my brother’s dog, I think he is a Chesapeake Water Retriever or something like that, his name is Phantom and he is 15 years old. My thoughts are with you this weekend and in the days that follow as you say your good byes to your dad. Laurie


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