Saturday Night Fever

Yesterday was a rough day.

When I am admitted with a neutropenic fever there is usually one day of high fevers. For most of the day yesterday my temp was in the 101 range. But by nightfall my temp hit 102. From that point on, the sky was the limit. Well, almost. Because my blood counts are so low at this stage of chemo recovery, I needed both platelet and blood transfusions yesterday. But those could not happen until my fever got below 101.

It was a long wait.

After dinner my fever spiked to 102 and change. By 10pm is was at 103. And by 11 it reached a high of 103.6. Yikes. That did not feel good. But by midnight the fever broke and I woke up in a giant and smelly pool of sweat. The transfusions came soon there after.

What a long and miserable day waiting for my body to come to terms with its forced neutropenic state. But I feel so much better today. No fever. Just chilling with Sophia, who is cracking up right now. She started laughing this week. What an amazing thing.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. hi sophia, i will have to learn some great baby jokes and funny faces and new tickle techniques to make you giggle. i love you so much. grandma


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